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  • Credit Insurance Underwriters

  • Credit Claims Managers

  • Banks

  • Exporters & Manufacturers

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Cost-effective solutions to credit and collections related issues.

Confidential handling of investigative matters professionally handled to preserve sensitive commercial relationships.

Professional services that serve to reduce total cost of export business by:

  • Enhanced quality of credit exposures

  • Reduced costs of insuring against losses

  • Empowered credit executives and company employees by relieving of problematic credit and collections issues

  • Savings due to travel expenses


REALIS’s team conducted the credit due diligence for, and has served as the servicing collections agent of a US $125 Million securitized portfolio of accounts receivables obligations due from more than 300 debtors in the medical field located throughout most Latin American countries. Results have far exceeded expectations to the benefit of the manufacturer, the underwriting bank and the credit insurer.

REALIS was commissioned to manage the collection of a portfolio of distressed debtors in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico exceeding US $40 Million. REALIS was instrumental in the restructure of many of the obligations leading to successful collections of more than 75% of the original exposures to the credit insurer.

REALIS was appointed to conduct a comprehensive asset search and background investigation of the principals of a group of companies in Brazil that owed more than US $25 Million. REALIS and its selective group of legal and investigative professionals uncovered a web of fraudulent transactions over several years involving more than three-dozen companies in six Brazilian States. Our findings led to an eventual negotiated settlement that netted a significant recovery for the credit insurer.

These and many other services across a variety of industries including, agricultural, textile, medical, and industrial equipment among others, have included negotiated settlements, litigation proceedings, and also debtors that were turned around principally through new financing procured with REALIS’s assistance.

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