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REALIS’s key executives and business partners in the Latin American and Caribbean region — with decades of experience in international credit and collections, treasury, finance, sales, import/export operations and trade litigation issues — are in a unique position to provide a comprehensive array of risk mitigation, credit and collections management support and debt recovery services.

Our work is performed directly, in-country, by our team of expert, multilingual professionals and closely coordinated with our top-notch network of local representatives and resources in each country which are leveraged into action as needed to deliver to our clients the most cost-effective, timely, and professional results.

Before extending credit terms or committing valuable capital resources, the “practical realities” inherent in doing business in emerging markets require a comprehensive assessment of potential customers, business partners, market conditions and investment climate.

Diverging laws, socio-economic and changing business conditions — in addition to political risk factors in these developing foreign markets — require thorough attention and analysis that goes far beyond reliance on financial statements and off-the-shelf credit reports that are often outdated, incomplete or misleading.

REALIS’s specialty is to bridge this “practical realities gap” by providing the key services and functions required to develop all-inclusive assessments of the financial, commercial, political and character risks of doing business with debtors or other entities in these countries and to monitor and manage risks continuously to preserve or enhance asset quality.


REALIS executes the following key due diligence steps and develops crucial intelligence to empower our clients’ extension of credit terms, underwriting of credit exposures, or to facilitate effective collections or recovery strategies:

  • Financial Analysis – REALIS performs detailed analysis of financial data provided directly to our clients or which may be supplemented or gathered independently through local resources. When warranted, REALIS will visit the potential customer or debtor to physically inspect premises to cross-verify the existence and scale of operations and assets indicated; conduct interviews of principals and key personnel and document findings with media.

  • Competitive Market Profile and Analysis – REALIS can gather critical commercial intelligence by performing analyses of key competitors utilizing market data, or by means of confidential local interviews with employees, customers or suppliers to assess market strength and competitive viability.

  • Asset Searches and Verification – REALIS directly conducts or commissions on location, confidential searches at local registries of property, commerce, tax, courts and other public entities to verify asset holdings and potential liens that could pose otherwise undocumented risks.

  • Character Due Diligence – REALIS has the resources to conduct confidential background checks – in parallel with asset searches – utilizing licensed, specialized resources to uncover difficult to find information that may be useful to expose often hidden past business records, or other adverse information that could affect the financial integrity of potential customers or debtors.

  • Documentation Due Diligence – Obtaining the proper debt documentation is just as important as setting the right terms and sales conditions. REALIS, in conjunction with local legal professionals can tailor advice regarding the most effective and prudent debt documentation and terms of payment for particular markets or debtors, taking into account competitive pressures and other operational risks.


REALIS’s solutions-oriented approach to dispute resolution and debt recovery is grounded on the proven principle of establishing genuine relationships that make possible improved communications. This clears the way to find repayment options that provide incentives to comply with restructured and properly re-documented debt obligations, coupled with enhanced collateral or guarantees. In our experience, most debtors that run into financial and repayment difficulties, legitimately wish to pay. Litigation, which can be very difficult without the proper documentation in foreign markets, can be costly and time consuming.


REALIS can assess credit risk mitigation options such as sales of receivables and credit insurance options, to provide cost-effective solutions to increase sales and enhance cash-flows.


Distressed asset valuations – REALIS can assist with valuations of distressed debt in the Latin American and Caribbean markets and can assist with potential disposition in secondary markets.

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